Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Obsession with Ribbon!!

I'm a Ribbon-aholic....I'm obsessed with ribbon. I just love the different colors and textures, not to mention the many various ways you can use ribbon.

I found the most elegant ribbon, in one of my new favorite colors (chartreuse green and chocolate brown), and check this has a beautiful french phrase across it. Love that!! I don't know what it says, but I'm sure it wont matter once it's wrapped around a beautiful package.

I also snagged a cute blue/chocolate brown combo ribbon and tissue paper to match (Yummy!).

I also found these cute altered books at Hobby Lobby this weekend...only $2.99 each. You can't beat that, and they'll make great gifts for mother's day! And yes, that's another spool of ribbon I had to have.

Found a few more cute items I'm putting in a care package for one of my dear friends Judy. I'll post that later this week.

I have to say this weekend was very wise that is... laundry still needs to be done, oh...and there's still that dreaded dusting that needs to be done...oh well...tomorrows another day.




The Decorated House said...

The ribbon thing I totally understand. I love that green one! Yum!

Deb said...

Beautiful ribbons - I love anything with the written word on it ... your ribbon with the french phrase is really lovely.

Bre said...

I love these books - did you make them ?


Anonymous said...

I found your site because I'm looking for ribbon that says "blessed" - any chance you know where I can find some? I'm looking for it for a project for the family of a friend of mine who just died of Ovarian Cancer - and how weird was it to scroll down on your site and find the Ovarian Cancer Ribbon - I have chills....

Milly said...

Good words.