Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn is Here!

Autumn has finally arrived at my house! I'm really enjoying all the beautifully adorned homes out there in "Blog Land". So many creative women. This is one of my favorite seasons, all the beautiful colors, leaves changing, a slight nip in the air. And lets not forget, yet another chance to make changes to my interior. I'll be posting those pics very soon.


charmaine said...

autumn is my favorite time of year too! can't wait to see your post.

charmaine said...

hello again! i hope your having a good weekend. i was given an award today and i have to pass it on to 6 other blogs that i enjoy. so i am passing this award on to you. i hope you accept.

God Bless,

Lisa said...

Thank you so much Charmaine. I would love to accept the award. Have a blessed day!