Saturday, June 27, 2009

{The Simple Life}

With Summer now upon us and loads and loads of inspiration slipping into our hearts every day via "Blogland", I feel a yearning for change. You've all seen my home, or what I considered my home for 10 years of my 11 year marriage. First off let me say, I loved my house. I poured all my little decorating heart and soul into making that house a home that my little family could live in and enjoy. I used a variety of warm and inviting colors, textures and fabrics. My first choice of design for my own home will probably always be French Country. I have such an affinity for their way of living and the colors, textures and patterns the French Countryside evokes; however, after making a major "life change" I really felt the need for change in all the areas of my life {including my little bloggy...more on that later}.

History: I have been avoiding this moment for a very long time, but now that everything is truly final, I feel a need to share with my blog friends what's been going on in my life...why I'm sometimes MIA. Two short years ago this August, my marriage ended after eleven years. I can't possibly convey to you how devastating that was for me. After reading many of your blogs and getting to know many of you through cyberspace, I know there are several who have gone through something similar, if not exactly what I'm going through. I remember at the time when I was making this major decision in my life, I happend upon A Cottage Industry's blog. I remember reading of her heart break and sharing in her pain. She had no idea how much it helped me to watch as she journeyed back towards PEACE and fullfillment. It has helped me so much over the past couple of years to just be able to read your blogs, share in your happiness and sometimes pain, pray for you and share some of my own special moments in life. I truly feel blessed by all of "Blogland", sometimes it's overwhelming, however I'm very thankful for an outlet such as this.

My life is so wonderful and blessed right now. I have found the PEACE I was yearning for and made a connection with so many wonderful, amazing people. I am truly blessed. Now you can better understand why the change was needed. I can't wait to share with you as I create a new haven for myself and my precious family {my son, daughter and grandson and all who visit often}. I'm hearting...."a simpler way of life".

I recently moved into what I like to refer to as "my little cottage in the woods"...well it's not quite as cottagy as I want it to be YET, and it's not really in the woods, however there are woods that back up to the property..and a girl can dream can't she??

Here's a tiny glimpse at my little "Cottage"

I've been hard at work making it into the warm inviting home I know it can be. Stay tuned....


charmaine said...

hi Lisa! congratulations on your new house and journey! i am so happy for you. it's good to have you back! i want to thank you for sharing this with us. just like you were encouraged, you are encouraging others. isn't it wonderful how the peace of Jesus Christ keeps us even in our night seasons in life, and then turns them into our testimony and praise. God is a God of restoration. He is so good!! i will be keeping you and your family in my prayers. God has a great plan for you ( Jeremiah 29:11). your new home is lovely! i look forward to seeing your decorating project complete. so, enjoy your journey with your new life and new house. i wish you the best! :)

God Bless,

The Liberty Belle said...

May God bless you and keep you and guide your steps. Also, may your new home be filled to overflowing with peace, happiness, and blessings.