Sunday, August 23, 2009

My New BB......

What do you get when you mix a frame, remnant fabric, and some MAC-BEAU-TI-MUS trim together? Why a beautiful work of art of course. I had been carting around a frame for several years waiting for the perfect opportunity to create something usable and here it is in all it's glory, "My Bulletin Board". I know, I know you've probably seen this done on other blogs a thousand times already....well here's 1001...he he!!

What a great way to display all your must see on a daily basis, projects waiting to happen, doctors appointment reminders, and let's not forget kid's weekly schedule calendars (you practice, piano lessons, cheer leading...and on and on). I love mine. So beautiful, so magical....just waiting to have a ga-zillion pieces of papers, swatches, cards, and notes attached to it.

Oh!!...and please don't let the smooth taste fool you....that sweet puppy right there won't last a week without turning into a war zone of activity, but that's okay, I think that's how most of us work best and I also believe that's when my creativity juices really flow.

Here's a quick and simple how-to to get you started:

*Simply clean your frame so that it's free of any dust or loose paint or stain. Now would be a good time to fix any small imperfections, such as chips or cracks....mine was all busted up!

*Use paint or stain to give it the special touch that is uniquely you. I choose to leave the existing finish on mine

*Measure the inside of the frame for a lovely piece of MDF. I prefer MDF over real wood because of it's weight (wood can sometimes be a little too heavy)

*Now comes the fun least for me it was....finding just the right fabric to use to cover your MDF. I simply looked around my little office and concluded that with all my tone on tone colors going on what I needed was a big POP of color to really make that baby stand out! Remember this is the most important part of the entire board, this is what will shine and show your don't go choosing the fabric out the remnant bin, just because it's dirt cheap....I tempting as it may be. That is unless you find some Robert Allen beauty in that bin...then I say GO FOR IT!! I choose this beautiful Ikat Medallion fabric courtesy of my local fabric store {also available online at Ballards Design}.

*Don't forget to cut yourself a piece of batting a tad bit smaller than your piece of fabric to soften the edges of the MDF.

*Lay your fabric, "pretty side" down on a flat surface, center the batting on top of it, then your pull the fabric taunt to the back of the MDF and staple it with a staple those finger tips!!

*Take your trim and staple it diagonally from tip to tip. Do this four times, criss-crossing the frame and straight up the middle and from side to side....ohhh sounds like you're doing the hokey poky....don't it!! he he.

*When you're finished stapling take the board and fit it within the frame....if it's a little snug, just keep wiggling it until it slides down in the frame....DON'T SNAG THAT FABRIC!! I used a picture hanging kit to hang mine, it all depends on how you want to hang yours. Anyhoo.....flip that baby over and "VIOLA!!" you have a Bulletin Board of your very own...custom made by you! Now wasn't that easy??

So don't be afraid, go on out there and scour those flea-markets, garage sales and thrift stores looking for the perfect frame for a creation of your very own. It's not hard to assemble and what I like best about each and every one I've seen so far is they are so unique to the person who created it and oh so easy to assemble.

I'm sure you're wondering by now why there's no frame around that beauty of a's the skinny I wasn't going to share with you guys but in true...blabber mouth blogger fashion, I'm going to blab it anyway.....I purchased two pictures from Kirkland's many moons ago to use for that project. They were identical pieces of art, one with a beautiful frame and the other one with a beautiful {yet slightly damaged} frame.

I purchased them in the hopes of re purposing at least one of them into a bulletin board....well, after they sat in the closet for about three...uhhh make that five years, I finally took my little tushie to the store and purchased that beauty of a fabric you see above. I had a template from the "damaged" frame so I used that as a guide for the mdf needed to create my BB, however what I did not realize was that the template I had for the "damaged" frame was not the same size as the "good" frame...AUGGGHH! Did I mention, I didn't notice this until AFTER I had stapled my beau-ti-ful fabric to the mdf??? Well....what was a girl to do???Hmmmm

I charged into my office/craft room and held it up to the wall to try to gain some inspiration and suddenly realized....I really didn't need a frame at all....Ha! It's funny how sometimes even our mistakes seem to work themselves out.

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Susie from Bienvenue said...

Beautiful and I love that fabric!

nicolette said...

Well, the 1001 is still a charm. The fabric really did the trick.